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Dedicated To The Small Press: In The Name Of Bad Taste

I’ll get some
if I reach inside
my asshole
smear it on a
piece of paper
and call it art

My muse
is obviously
I bet I could
find inspiration
in a pile of
dirty cat litter

I’m through
with using
it’s not doing
me any favors

This toothbrush
is not my friend
I plan on using
dental floss
to hang myself
in the hopes
of meeting
a deceased poet

Since the vast
majority of
contemporary poetry
isn’t producing
anything worthwhile

© Michael Marrotti

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Pink Litter 11 [Magazine]

“Free Orgasms On The Free Market” is included in this digital issue!

Pink Litter.


Here it is. The damnedest thing you’ve probably ever seen, even in your own life. Click on the image to read in pdf or by clicking here:

It’ll help, after you download it and save it to your machine, if you go to your Adobe program, click view/page display and make sure “two-page” and “show cover page in two-page view” are both checked. Then it’ll lay like a magazine.



P.S. As far as Pink Litter 12 goes, well gitty-the-fuck-on-up!

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