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Dysfunctional Dealers

The Naga

I’m pacing the floors going back an forth, wearing out the soles of my Doc Martens. The anticipation is killing me! “Where the fuck is she?” I ask. Waiting is the hardest part. I get myself all worked up over pleasure that turns into pain, that turns into longing. Here I am, peeking out the window every few minutes. Sometimes these fuckers play games, when I’ve already sold my Xbox 360.

   Communists have more class than my dealer. She’s a trashy transplant from Beechview, currently residing in Andy Warhol’s old neighborhood. Some would say garbage can, for which I concur. This trash can move a sought after product.

   Her domestic life makes mine appear to be picture perfect in comparison. There’s always a belligerent argument, debate, over this or that. Roaches in the Cheerios, subhuman living. Her spouse however, holds all the aces, since the orange bottles are…

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