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In All Modesty

I’ve had a few
stalkers in
my lifetime
ranging from
grotesque to
I know a few
things about

I’ve had
success when
it comes to
the statistics
of my love life
for which
I can say
I’m satisfied
I know a few
things about

I’ve seen these
elaborate bios
professing success
and a desire for praise
their extended list
of achievements
are pretentious
for the size of
the small press scene

I may or may not
be satisfied with
the length of
my penis
it’s one of the
few things I
conceal when it
comes to writing
my poetry

But if you
must know
it’s a fact
or a myth
worthy of
all you have to do
is read the contents
of my bio
in all modesty

© Michael Marrotti


Insipid Press was founded by Michael Marrotti in 2016. In a digital world of mediocrity where everyone is a writer or editor, the choice to create his own press release seemed like an ingenious idea. The mere thought of splitting profits with someone else who owns their own ISBN number, but uses Lulu or Createspace as a means of production is a desperate choice of absurdity in his opinion. Michael Marrotti can purchase his own ISBN number, and pocket the profits of all his books that sell! All five copies!! Insipid Press is not open for submissions. The writer/editor is far too busy conceiving new material that will be showcased on this blog. Insipid Press will release its first book sometime next year. In the meantime you could be a patron of the underground by purchasing Michael Marrotti's latest book, F.D.A. Approved Poetry.

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