Our Testimony Here At Insipid Press

Insipid Press is here for the freeloaders of the digital community. In fact, we pander to all those folks who refuse to make a credit card transaction. Then again, what choice do we have, when art is for sale but nobody is buying? It’s either give it away, or be lost in the digital shadows. We’d like to make a difference, sure, we’d like to change the world. These goals are not going to be achieved by charging a fee. We’re realists here at Insipid Press, we understand that. So please enjoy these free words, share them with other freeloaders. After all, we despise banks just as much as the next slave. Support your favorite writers by liking and sharing their work. Boycott the monetary system by not purchasing their books. The revolution is here my fellow freeloaders! Also, please feel “free” to wipe away those digital tears. We’re well aware truth seekers can’t stand the truth. And we apologize for the satirical content of this testimony. Satire is sooooo twentieth century.